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"As we discovered, when we dropped by, it covers a whole lot of doggone territory. Bring your best pal. "
- Kurt Loder, MTV News


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One Nation Under A Groove

Sour puss!

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The Godfather of Soul himself rocks the SuperPetz Stage Photo by Michael Cohn

The Birmingham News once called it "the best festival you've never heard of involving animals." The Birminghamster insists it's "the best such festival this side of the Crawfish Boil."

And the festival has been named a great place for picking up poo poo by E! Online.

But perhaps the best thing you can say about DO DAH DAY, 2001 is that it doesn't involve going downtown and paying 15 bucks a day. And pets get free water! Sure beats five dollar Miller Lite.

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IS IT ANY WONDER, then, that George Clinton said, of Birmingham's World Class Pet Festival, "THIS is exactly what's meant by an Amphibian Funk."

In addition to the best adoptable pets, the Pet Parade, and Pet Owner Look Alike Contest, you'll also find:

 the greatest little frisbee dogs on the planet from FRISBEE MANIA

 legends of fetching and hand shaking at the CANINE PALS WORKSHOP.

 a CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL, with your child's favorite entertainers as well as hands-on learning experiences and fun projects they can make-and-take.

 the ADOPT A PET CENTER, featuring live adoptions from the Humane Society.

 the NED'S PET WORLD STAGE with dance and dance instruction, all to live music, plus the largest pink triangle you've seen in a while.

 contemporary pet toys and gifts in the PETPORIUM.

 a unique PET PAINTING PAVILLION where your pets can compete with elephants for best artwork in show.

 the world's coolest wading pool for your overheated friends from WHOEVER OWNS THE WATER WORKS.

 the finest pet groomers in the HAIRBALL CAFE.

 the best local talent at the PET TRICKS SHOW.

FREE!    cutting-edge performance art, music, and dance on the AMPHIBIAN FUNK STAGE.

FREE!   Doggy Biscuits from THE DOGGY DEN.

FREE!    and all the catnip you can stand provided by KITTY KOTTAGE.

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