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What's Going On?

Wednesday, June 21 - Bridge To Bridge Canoe Trip
Travel down the Cahaba river by canoe from the bowling alley on Highway 280 to the bridge at Highway 31. See native flora and fauna struggle for survival amongst the detritus of human existence. Trip costs $15 and requires proof of hepatitis and anthrax vaccinations.

Thursday, June 22 - Downtown After Dark
There will be nothing going on downtown tonight. No movie at the Alabama, nothing at the Carver, nada. This is a good opportunity to see downtown at night without all of the crowds.

Friday, June 23 - Movie
The Alabama Theatre presents the restored version of Hitchcock's classic Rear Window. Movie shows at 7:30 PM through Monday with 2PM matinee only on Sunday.

Saturday, June 24 - Rattlesnake Roundup
Join Mountain Brook residents at Jemison park for a good ol' reptile rodeo. Officials from the Jefferson County Health Department will be on hand with anti-venom and refreshments. Games such as 'Poisonous or Not', 'Fang Measuring', and 'Snake Milking' will make this an event for the whole family.

Sunday, June 25 - Drunk Redneck Rescue
Come to Blue Water rock quarry in Pelham and see a bunch of locals get drunk and rowdy listening to Bocephus. Stay a while and see the guy in the Bama cap stagger off the end of the diving cliff and fail to resurface. Join lifeguards in the struggle to pull him to shore as he vainly thrashes about for his lost lid.

Monday, June 26 - R&B B&B
Morning radio DJ's Rick and Bubba host a sleep over and breakfast show at the Cracker Barrel in Moody. Sleep in your trailer and then join the corpulent duo for an early meal of all the country ham and biscuits you can eat. Laugh out loud at their down home antics as you stuff yourself with southern goodness.

Tuesday, June 27 - Fund Rasier
Go door to door with North Birmingham area kids as they solicit funds for the completion of Birmingham City School's crown jewel: Carver High School. Scheduled stops include the homes of Donald Watkins, Earl Hilliard, and former mayor Arrington.

Wednesday, June 28 - Exhibit
See photos of famous hand models at the Bare Hands Gallery. Photos of hands from Zest, Lever, and Palmolive commercials will be on display. An adjunct exhibit called 'Invisible Hands' will show those of local workers involved in traffic light synchronization, changing Vulcan's lights, and editing the Post Herald.

Thursday, June 29 - Museum Show
A museum produced show of the ground breaking works of Jonathan Lasker at BMA. See uncharacteristically bold squiggles, some resembling Spiragraph patterns, combined with barely recognizable impressions of everyday objects in a bold unrealistic color scheme. Try to convince yourself that you are seeing something and then make a donation to the NEA.

Friday, June 30 - Watermelon Festival
Come to downtown Trussville and join in traditional summer activities revolving around the watermelon. Ride around in the back of a '39 Ford truck stacked high with the oblong melons while spitting seeds at the spectators. Partake of the inevitable "spiked" melon and join in the distance spitting contest.

Saturday, July 1 -

Sunday, July 2 -

Monday, July 3 -

Tuesday, July 4 - Alabama Symphony
Patriotic music celebrating Birmingham's independence from rational thought. See people clapping and cheering as commissioner Buckelew continues her tradition of mispronouncing Richard Westerfield's name.