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What's Going On?

Wednesday, October 25 - Meeting
The Vestavia Voters with Vision hold their first ever divining. They will attempt to find water behind the new Winn Dixie below the new soccer field where the old soccer field used to be. Legend has it that there used to be some sort of spring that always trickled down the rock wall behind one end zone of Arthur Young Field. Bring your rods and your fellow Wicans.

Thursday, October 26 -

Friday, October 27 - Birthday Bash
Two local radio personalities host a birthday party celebrating three award winning years on the air. Beaner and Ken have invited some of their friends to entertain and delight us. Scheduled to appear are several cutting edge bands, such as Texas Instruments and The Hammerheads, as well as some old favorites like Howard Jones. Don't try to live your life in one day.

Saturday, October 28 - Movie
The Alabama Theatre presents the 1927 silent movie classic The Phantom of the Opera complete with the original score played by organist Tom Helms on the Mighty Wurlitzer. Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. This is not the thing by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sunday, October 29 - Exhibit
The Birmingham Museum of Art opens a new show of photographs by David Levinthal. The photos show Barbie dolls in various poses and settings. There is nothing suggestive about any of the photos as this is an art exhibit. Bring the kids and marvel over the audaciousness of that glamour girl. Reception to follow at Misconceptions.

Monday, October 30 - Workshop
Sloss Furnaces holds an avanced fabricating workshop. Only those who have mastered the basics of fabricating should attend. Birmingham Mayor Bernard Kincaid is expected to be there along with most city council members. Freshman councilor Lee Loder has not yet fabricated enough to qualify for the advanced workshop.

Tuesday, October 31 - Spooky Council
The Birmingham City Council meeting will be even wackier than usual tonight as council members dress up for Halloween. Mayor Bernard Kincaid has already been seen trying on his overalls for another stint as Grizzly Adams. Other plans include Sandra Little as Glenda the good witch and Jimmy Blake as a doctor. Don't miss bobbing for apples in private lake water and the Michael Choy look alike contest.

Wednesday, November 1 - All Saints
Honor them today, but especially Thomas Moore the patron saint of politicians. And don't forget Birmingham's own Saint Bernard. Never forget how he saved us from puppetmaster Arrington and the shadow regime of William Bell. If nothing else, pray for rain.

Thursday, November 2 -

Friday, November 3 -

Saturday, November 4 - Football
Watch the Alabama sideline closely this week to see if Dubose's head actually falls off. Or they could win the next three and the championship game and get a bowl bid with a 7-5 record. Did you pray on All Saints Day?

Sunday, November 5 -

Monday, November 6 -

Tuesday, November 7 - Predilection Day
Ours is for making strong coffee. However there are many who have one towards obeying the ten commandments. Who are we to argue?