The Birminghamster




What do you think about The Mill?

There is no other Bakery, Brewery, Eatery like it in the whole city. I can get muffins there for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, and a delicious plate of shrimp and pasta for dinner. Since I live in Quinlan Castle and work at Pickwick place, I never have to go more than a block on any given day. - Shirly, 84, Last of the Red Hot Lovers herd1

herd2 I love the live music. More places in Birmingham need live music. We have so many outstanding bands waiting to breakout. They just need more venues like The Mill with a bar and food so people can eat and drink while they listen to the deafening sound of Crate and Peavey. - Beaner, 29, Local Music Fan

Pagans. Pagans and their pagan places of worship. They bow at the goat statue before herding into The Mill for a gluttonous feast of unholy bread and forbidden fruit. Southside is in need of a good cleansing. - Stella, 40, Homemaker herd3

herdblake My grandmother took me there about five years ago. My parents were out of town for the evening and had left me in her care. I was only 13 at the time and had never been north of Homewood. The Mill sounded like an exotic adventure. When we first sat down, granny ordered a pint of stout without even looking at the menu. About an hour and 5 pints later she left with one of the waiters and didn't come back. I hate The Mill. - Jimmy, 18, Rebel

I like The Mill because it is right across the street from The Studio. I can't tell you how many men I have picked up there and then ditched at Studio when my girl pals showed up. My power over men is absolute. - Chris, 28, Solipsist herd5

herd6 The Mill is where I met my first wife. She was waiting tables on dollar Bud night and I gave her a five for four beers. That kinda caught her attention and we started dating. I think our first date was at The Mill because she had a friend working there who was on her last night. But then I took her to Dugan's where me and my buddies hang out. We were married two weeks after that. - Charles, 45, Smut Hound

I liked Rube Burrows. The man, not the bar. He was a real man. Not some hand crafted beer connoisseur. - Bert, 55, Engineer herd7

herd8 I hear the beer is made of people. - Sam, 40, Brewer-Patriot