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Why will the next Alabama coach be fired?

herd1 I don't know, but I bet they sure wouldn't like a gay guy to be coach. - Carl, 47, General Contractor

I would like to think that the new coach would institute some sensitivity training for the athletes and administrators. My coach would not be popular, but I would have sex with him. - Jillian, 19, activist herd2

herd3 He will mistakenly call the school UAT to distinguish it from UAB. - Bruce, 27, webmaster

He'll probably be late for a meeting or something that no one told him about, and then be expected to defend his job. - Jimmy, 58, simple country doctor herd4

herd5 When they find out he not only isn't Bear, but never had lunch with him, or wrestled one. - Hector, 30, breadwinner

His resume will say hard-living, womanizing, drunkard with 11 winning seasons at the Division I level. But they will only be able to verify 10 of them. - Lily Mae, 71, computer consultant herd6

herd7 He will allow players to pray quietly in their own way. Praise Bush! - Khalid, 51, non-Muslim

He'll try calling one too many plays from EA Sports - Madden 2003 Championship Edition. - Jeremy, 19, PS2 guru herd8