The Birminghamster




Now that several researchers are on the verge of cloning a human being, what do you think is the potential of such technology for the future?

herd1 If the members of N'Sync were continually refreshed from a farm of identical stock, then the constant danger of them burning out and becoming poor role models could be averted. - Alison, 17, alto

If I were my own on-air partner, I think the banter would be much wittier. Although we'd have no one to humiliate. Hmm. - Beaner, 30, aging radio personality herd2

herd3 Cloning of humans would require some fundamental reorientations on issues of identity. Opening up such spaces of indeterminacy is bound to benefit my career(s). - Lisa, 36, Lawyer and disciplinarian

My sister Jessie and I were talking the other night about how much we miss Johnny Carson. We've already written letters of enquiry to several geneticists in hopes of bringing his charming smile back to television. - Clara, 72, retired army captain herd4

herd5 Few people are aware of this, but Benjamin Franklin patented a cloning system that uses the technology of the printing press to reproduce living beings through their collected wit and wisdom. I hold that these so-called 'geneticists' are focusing too much on the bottle and not enough on the beer, if you follow me. - Sam, 49, brewer, patriot

I love the way that cloning technology promises to address the two issues of selfishness and unwanted children with such an elegant solution. - Charlie, 39, counselor herd6