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What do you think of the Riley tax plan?

herd1 They need to tax those strippers. Some sort of heavy stripper tax for Tuscaloosa county would go a long way towards education. Maybe even UAT students could get some. - Carl, 47, General Contractor

I like the new sin taxes. Now if we could just have the same taxes for places like The Mill and The Superior Grill. I feel like a sinner everytime I go to those places. - Jillian, 19, activist herd2

herd3 Eliminating no-bid contracts is a bad idea. My firm is in a unique position to understand the IT needs of state government based on our vast experience. And work on my beach house isn't yet complete. - Bruce, 27, webmaster

I believe tithing is a better solution. If everyone would give at least 15% of their money to Chief Redfeather, all of our community problems could be solved. - Jimmy, 58, simple country doctor herd4

herd5 Putting sales taxes on all of those services is just plain wrong. With the ban on marital-aids and now this, how are the massage parlors going to make it? - Hector, 30, breadwinner

I was going to lease a new Kia, but now I won't be able to afford it. I've got $99 and a job, but with the new tax the payments are just too high. - Lily Mae, 71, computer consultant herd6

herd7 Please, please, just don't tax my religion. Praise Bush! - Khalid, 51, Arab-American

It's cool, as long as they don't tax my meth-lab. - Jeremy, 19, carrier of the year herd8