The Birminghamster




Does the New Paint Job Make My Ass Look Big?

herd3 My eyes! My eyes! Sharon, 44, Valley View

It's not the paint... I mean, NO!, of course not! *snicker* - Venus, (no age given), Olympus herd8

herd3 At least nobody teases him about his name - Hugh Jass, 14, Spain Park

That's his ass? Damn, I've been looking at it all wrong - Byron, 33, Forest Park herd2

herd3 I got my picture taken with his ass when it was on the ground for my Christmas card, but I couldn't use it because mine STILL looked too big. - Flo, 50, Vestavia

Heh, heh, needs some giant tee-pee for his giant cornhole. - Beavis, 11, Hoover herd4

herd5 Non! Non! Ze size, she is perfect *smack* - Giuseppi, 94, Hueytown

THAT BOY needs to put on some overalls. - Hank, 56, Roebuck herd6

herd7 It's always nice to see a full moon on a clear night - James, 58, Christian meteorologist

We had to pull some strings, but they finally agreed to turn him around a bit so I didn't have to look at that monstrosity - Yvonne, 60, Red Mountain herd8