The Birminghamster




What do you look for in a governor?

herd1 A good wife who exudes wholesome down-to-earth Alabama values. - Carl, 47, General Contractor

A regal demeanor and a firm handshake. - Jillian, 19, activist herd2

herd3 A third nipple, indicating that he is the chosen one. - Bruce, 27, webmaster

A reassuring nickname like "Red" or "Bulldog". - Jimmy, 58, simple country doctor herd4

herd5 A deep understanding of the problems that face young black men in our urban areas.. - Hector, 30, breadwinner

An anglo-saxon surname and a penis. - Lily Mae, 71, computer consultant herd6

herd6 I would like a governor who sees me as a citizen and not a denizen. - Khalid, 51, scared

A governor who understands the damaging economics of price-controls as applied to the minimum wage. - Jeremy, 19, food-service technician herd6