Commanding presence?

Mtn. Brook Residents Confused, Delighted
East Lake() The East Lake Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has moved to a new location on U.S. Highway 280 near Green Valley Road, and changed its name to Höle Foods. According to store officials, this name better reflects the purity and quality of a product that have been making for almost seventy years. "We were thinking about our brand strategy, and holesomeness was one thing that kept coming up," said store manager Hobart Kelly. "Our doughnuts are pure and natural and we never use any harsh chemicals to strip out the tasty carbohydrates."

The fact that the new name was sure to generate some publicity because of its similarity to that of another national chain was not a factor in the decision, Kelly said. "We had been thinking about this for several years, and with the city of Birmingham offering us flood-mitigation funds to help in the move, it was a no-brainer." The store has already placed signs along Highway 280 advertising their new look while stressing the unchanged great taste. "A doughnut's holesomeness is its primary attribute," said Kelly. "Sure our doughnuts are light, fluffy, and sinfully delicious, but that description misses the point. Our product is naturally sweet and satisfying, and uses mostly organic fair-trade ingredients. Höle Foods is simply a more appropriate name for us."

Still, some confusion has resulted from the name change. One excited Mountain Brook resident, Sandy Timberlake, stopped by the new Höle Foods hoping to find her favorite 'out of town' items. Timberlake's shopping list that day included bulk quinoa, no sulfite added wine, and Tres-vaux cheese. After browsing the store for a few minutes she realized that it was only a bakery, similar to the stand alone Bread of Life stores in the San Francisco area. "I was disappointed," said Timberlake, "but I figured I would try a Mixed by Nature® dozen." Her custom mix included two each of the pure raspberry, blueberry, and lemon filled, as well as organic custard and organic kreme filled. The dozen was topped off with a plain 80% cocoa butter chocolate iced and one with colorful organic sprinkles. Although Timberlake was unable to purchase the items on her original list, she seemed quite content with the dozen doughnuts. "Whole Foods [sic] always does such a good job with their natural, healthy, organic products. I'm glad they decided to do the same thing for these doughnuts."