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Scrushy Denies any Arrangement with Henderson
Birmingham (RS) - HealthSouth founder and former Chief Executive Richard Scrushy (pronounced scroo-she) today blasted a report carried by the weasely Associated Press alleging that he had some kind of arrangement to pay the good Reverend Herman Henderson, pastor of the Believerís Temple Church, a hallowed Birmingham institution, for "arranging" support in the Black Community during his 2005 kangaroo trial.

"My charitable foundation donated to his church building fund and to a Katrina relief effort that his church sponsored," Scrushy said. "That's it. Period. When I found out that the good Reverend Henderson was confused about the freely-given tithe, and represented to people that he was somehow working for me through The Lewis Group, I called Mr. Lewis and told him in no circumstances did I want Reverend Henderson beholden to me just because of my generosity and faith. Reverend Henderson has continued to beseech me for more money, even though he knows I am going through a difficult period financially, and even though I have never asked him for anything in return. That's because he knows how strong my faith is."

The dastardly Associated Press was invited to my office this morning to hear professionally-recorded tapes of conversations between Reverend Henderson and myself on which the good Reverend clearly spells out that he was not hired by me or asked to do anything for me and that I never offered to pay him to do anything for me. The unfair and unbalanced Associated Press should not have issued this story without hearing Reverend Henderson's own words in his own voice telling the truth. If you want to read the truth, you have to turn to The Birmingham Times or to this website."