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Vision of Saint Seen in Southside Cheesesteak
Southside () - What began as just another lunch break for Rhett Stevens turned into a life altering moment destined to end the years of self deprecating hatred experienced by so many UAT fans like him as Stevens caught a gooey glimpse of Nick Saban in the delicious cheesy runoff from his T-Boneís Double Meat Steak Onion Philly Sandwich. Stevens didnít notice the face of the savior until his friend, Brian Montoya, pointed out that a large quantity of his sandwich escaped his insatiable appetite by falling into his basket of fries. "I was like, Brian, DUDE! Check it out. Itís Coach Saban wearing a houndstooth Hat!" recalled an obviously exhilarated Stevens. Montoya, ever the quick wit, responded by anointing the succulent anomaly Sa-BEAR. "Itís true, I totally came up with that on my own!" said Brian proudly.

Saban's journey to UAT made national news earlier in the winter as the storied university was able to pry him away from a failed NFL tenure in Miami that was quickly exposing him as being in over his head as a professional. UAT only had to make Saban the highest paid coach in the history of team sports, provide several free cases of Little Debbie snack cakes each week, and agree to make direct eye contact with Saban illegal on campus.

Both Stevens and Montoya, life long fans of UAT football, believe that sightings of Sa-Bear in food can only mean good things for a football program that has slowly descended from an NCAA football pillar to an also ran whose best times are becoming faded memories. Each took pictures of the delectable savior Sa-Bear before Stevens devoured the remainder of his sandwich, fries, and a piece of grease soaked napkin. Both Stevens and Montoya hope to market their pictures of Sa-Bear by putting them on T-shirts and selling them to UAT fans on game days. Ary Sanjaya, fry cook at T-Bones might also recreate the Sa-Bear sandwich on gamedays for UAT alumni in Birmingham.