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Trivia Quiz Master Too Cool For School
Lakeview () - Local trivia guru and quiz master Reed Lochamy may in fact be too cool for those at school, not to mention the legions of trivia buffs that hang on his every word on Monday nights at Innisfree pub in Lakeview. Lochamy, the namesake of Trivia With Reed, has been delivering carefully crafted trivia questions to patrons at Innisfree Irish Pub in Lakeview for the past four years. According to several acquaintances, Lochamy has always been a little condescending, but the trivia gig appears to have gone to his head.

Lochamy recently changed from his job teaching at a local school because he was in is own words too "aus" for the job. Lochamy's new job at SafeHouse of Shelby County allows him to be patronizing to a more select group of unfortunate children while away from his primary passion of lording over arrested adolescents at the bar.

Nothing could be more "patronizing" than Lochamy's signature call for "Patron shots only $9.25." "That one never fails to make me laugh," said trivia contestant Ron McKnight. "I don't know how he comes up with this stuff." McKnight is a member of team 'Cashew Smashew' which changed its name from 'Backfire Cashew' at Lochamy's urging. "He's right too," said McKnight. "It is a much better name."

Lochamy's ability to insert memes into the minds of average Birmingham residents is uncanny. At his insistent urging, "aus" has entered the vernacular as a substitute for "awesome." The usage is even more developed than that since Lochamy has banned the use of "totally aus" in favor of either "entirely" or "completely" aus.

As if to prove that his coolness has no bounds, Lochamy repeatedly refers to the long running and best selling detective series for boys as the "Hardy's Boy" books. "I wouldn't have thought anyone would take that up," said Mike McCall another frequent trivia player. "But I found myself saying it just the other day. Plus, I can't stop saying dahy-uh-bee-tis even though I have said dahy-uh-bee-teez all of my life. Just so you know, both are correct, but since Reed pointed out how Wilfred Brimley says it, I just can't help myself."