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Kincaid Unleashes New Fragrance
Clears City Council Chambers
Birmingham () - Not to be outdone by popular young hip-hop artists and rapper-turned-actresses, Birmingham Mayor Bernard Kincaid has developed a fragrance of his own. Kincaid's essence is now available at all Parisian stores and will be released nationwide once the local market is saturated. The scent, dubbed 'Towncar for Men', is attractively packaged in a bear shaped bottle which has become Kincaid's trademark. During the release party at city hall, a bottle was accidentally spilled, forcing council members to make a hasty exit. Said councilor Valerie Abbot, "it was quite a pungent aroma. He has definitely made his mark on our chambers now."

Kincaid was inspired to create his fragrance by rapper P. Diddy, who recently added his own fragrance to a successful line of clothing, and raunchy Miami area hip-hop artist Trina who describes her smell as "not just something to get the guys all excited." Although that does seem to be Kincaid's main motivation behind his own scent. "I'm hoping to reenergize and reconnect with the youth of Birmingham," said Kincaid. "I think they sometimes forget who it was that brought them where they are. The original foot-soldiers who paved the way for modern urban youth culture." Kincaid sees his generation as one that has paid its dues and deserves more respect than they are currently receiving. "If I can impart my scent to today's young black men and make a little money doing it, then that is fine by me."

Kincaid's fragrance will come in several sizes starting at $19 for the 40 oz. Eau de toilet spray which works by squeezing the bear's head. For $29, a stronger 16 oz. Eau de parfum can be had. A small bear shaped mirror hanger is also available to infuse car interiors with the smell. The scent is described by experts as earthy and slightly leathery with coniferous undertones. The fragrance will be produced by a local start-up funded by uber-hip local attorney Donald Watkins. The company, called This Smells Inc., intends to produce a variety of boutique scents that will help their clients mask certain problems. "They say some things stink around here," said Watkins. "We think Kincaid's fragrance can help cover some of that up."