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1995 Seen Clearly Following Schaeffer LaserVision
Mountain Brook() - A recent successful LASIK procedure performed in 90 seconds at the Schaeffer LaserVision center in Mountain Brook, provided its recipient with perfect vision into 1995. Patient Carl Reinhart was having the procedure to correct a slight astigmatism when the unexpected benefits were discovered. "I not only see very clearly now, I also see 1995," said Reinhart. "I can see Live playing at an Auburn homecoming just after 'Throwing Copper' Came Out."

At first, Schaeffer technicians were skeptical of Reinhart's claims, but as he began to describe more long forgotten events in great detail, they knew that the condition was real. "Reinhart is 52 years old," said Dr. Jeff Bailey who performed the procedure. "I don't think he would have been at that [Aubrun] show." Reinhart described a performance by The Presidents of the United States of America with patrons sitting on the lawn at the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre. "Reinhart assured us that he had only been to that venue once, and it was to see Andrea Boccelli with his wife," said Bailey. Another proof came when Reinhart reported seeing Aaron Beam at a nightclub with a woman not his wife. "How could I possibly know about that?" he said.

In an effort to recreate this visual phenomenon for the public, Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil organizers interviewed Reinhart for several days. "We wanted to show people what it would be like to have this vision," said promoter Beth Register. "It will be a good marketing tool for the LaserVision center. Fortunately, we found that most of the bands Reinhart was seeing were not currently on tour." Based on Reinhart's preferences the promotional team selected Blues Traveler, P.O.D., Cowboy Mouth, Better Than Ezra and others to play this year's event. "I thought about PM Dawn," said Reinhart, "but the performance I saw at The Whiskey Nickel was pretty poor and they bad-mouthed the audience." Crawfish Boil organizers and Reinhart are not sure if the performances at this year's festival exactly matched what Reinhart saw in 1995. "Past performance is no guarantee of future results," said Register. "It was ten years ago after all."