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Paige King Anxious for Executions to Resume
Montgomery (JM) - It has been eight months since the State of Alabama has carried out a death sentence, and, for Paige King, wife of Attorney General Troy King, that's about six months too long.

"Troy gets so antsy when there are no executions," she told reporters outside the Bodyworks Fitness Center on Montgomery's Eastern Boulevard after a 2-hour workout. "I really don't know what to do with him," she explained, "He paces around the house or goes down to the basement to work on his electric death chamber models -- which is normally something he enjoys, but lately it just seems to frustrate him more and more."

There has been an effective moratorium on executions while Kentucky's method of lethal injection, similar to Alabama's, was reviewed by the federal courts. Stays were issued in three of Alabama's death row cases that were scheduled for execution, leaving convicted murderers Daniel Siebert, James Callahan and Arthur Crenshaw breathing the same air as you and me.

The procedure under review made no provision for evaluating whether the condemned was fully unconscious before deadly neurotoxins were injected into his or her bloodstream. Alabama has since added such an evaluation, but was prevented from using it while the case was appealed to the Supreme Court. Ultimately the Court rejected the appeal, leaving the door open for the stays to be lifted.

"It is time to move forward seeking the execution of the guilty for their murderous acts," said the Attorney General, visibly excited as he read a prepared statement. King sprinted away without taking questions. Later, outside the gym, Mrs. King elaborated: "You don't know what [Arthur's death] will mean to Troy, and to me. There's just no pleasing him at all when he hasn't been to Atmore for too long. He won't even let me touch him."

Executions are expected to resume with the lawful killing of Crenshaw as soon as the end of May. Observers expect that the Attorney General's opinion regarding the illegality of certain marital aids, which had been suspended since December, will be re-issued at that point.