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Crocker Tired of Being Mistaken for Hobbs
Red Mountain (JM) - Fox 6 news anchor Steve Crocker digressed from his usual cheerful wrap up at the end of Friday evening's 9:00 PM newscast to address a personal issue. Looking directly into the camera with a baleful look, he paused and made the following statement: "I am so sick and tired of being mistaken for Roy Hobbs, who recently parted company with another station in the Birmingham market. Most people easily distinguish me as 'the bald one' or 'the one with the big smile', but there have always been some people who seem to assume that there's only one well-spoken African American male anchor in this city and will tell me how much they enjoyed some report on something I never heard of and I later find out it was Roy. Anyway, this hasn't been much of a problem until just recently, after Roy's unfortunate behavior and subsequent arrest. Now I'm getting looks of disgust and revulsion - even from our regular FOX audience - and it's starting to get to me. Just the other day some guy at the Homewood Texaco asked if I wanted any crack. When I said no, he asked 'What's the matter Roy?' And even though I wouldn't touch a Woodlawn whore to save my own mother's life, I had one come-up to me recently and offer to pretend to be Ebony Hall. That's absurd! I mean, they should at least offer to be Sherea Harris. The last straw was early this morning, some cop was trying to give me a breathalyzer and he's like 'When did you get the new car, Roy?' and I felt like punching him right then and there."

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" he added as assistant news director Lantz Croft rushed onto the set waving his arms for the cameras to cut. Fox 6 management could not be reached for comment before press time.