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Summit To Address Dressy Casual Problem
Summit () - Recognizing the glaring problem of 'dressy casual' compliance, merchants at The Summit shopping center have banded together to fund an awareness campaign about the importance of proper attire for all social occasions. "Dressy casual is not an excuse to be lazy," says Scribblers columnist Susan Strickland. "It doesn't just mean 'come as you are'." For example, Strickland recommends spaghetti straps only for formal evening events, "no matter how simple the dress may be."

The Summit campaign features a series of billboards in shop windows showing the dos and don'ts of dressy casual. One notable miscue shows a young man showing up for a Masters cookout wearing jeans while everyone else is clearly wearing slacks. Another blunder depicts a young woman in a Hello Kitty top showing up to a bridal luncheon at Rucker Place. "That's cute," said Stickland, "but not dressy casual."

In addition to the visual displays, Summit clothiers have begun placing markers on fashions that pass a 'casual inspection'. Specially trained garment workers will have the knowledge necessary to distinguish jumpers from dresses, and slacks from Dockers. To kick off the campaign, The Summit has scheduled daily runway shows featuring 'which one does not belong' contests with winners choosing from among several dressy casual outfits to take home.

Strickland laments that this level of focus on such a huge problem is long overdue. "This kind of thing will not only prevent workaday fashion faux pas, but could also avert real tragedy," she said. Strickland was indirectly referring to social disasters like the progressive dinner debacle, which some suspect was really a disagreement over how one of the guests chose to dress.