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Propst to Star in 'Rush of Love'
Selfish Women Need Not Apply
Pell City (JM) - Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin, producers VH1's 'Flava of Love' (with rapper Flava Flav) and 'Rock of Love' (with rock vocalist Bret Michaels), announced Friday that they have signed Rush Propst, the embattled star of MTV's 'Two-A-Days', to appear in a new version of their hit reality-show.

Titled 'Rush of Love', the show will feature 20 single women who will vie for the honor of becoming Propst's primary love interest. The contestants are expected to engage in various physical and social challenges during the season, with guest-judges such as Brigitte Neilson and Mike Price deciding which of them will get to spend more time one-on-one with Propst. Propst himself will evaluate the top contestants and eliminate one after each week of the 19-week season.

While the details of the show have not been confirmed, it is expected to take on a 'Southern football' theme, with 'Two-a-Day' outdoor workouts designed to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Chaplain Terry Slay will coordinate a brief prayer service at the start of each show, asking the Lord to keep all the players safe and to bless the competition. Position coaches will work with the ladies to maximize their natural abilities. Field trips may include a day of fishing at Lake Logan-Martin, a recruiting trip to Birmingham, and two or more homecoming parades.

During the season, contestants will share a Jacksonville State University dormitory with full-time tutors, nutritionists, trainers and pharmacists on staff to help them prepare for the competition. In addition to the primary winner, several of the contestants may earn full scholarships to attend college, depending on whether Propst decides to "put in a good word".

In response to the announcement the Hoover School Board convened an emergency meeting to decide whether to watch the show at the Buffalo Wild Wings or Baumhower's Wings Sports Grille.