The Birminghamster
Lowe Knows




by Mrs. Lowe


Fellow Hamsters, I've been sick! So sick words cannot describe it on the printed page. There were chills, then there was fever, and then there were eruptions of a volcanic nature from virtually every orifice in my poor body. After that came the aches and pains and then, more of the same. I was sure I was dying so I called my doctor who could not see me until week after next, even though I assured the receptionist that I would not live that long. "The entire city of Birmingham is under siege," she said, "You'll just have to get in line." Gee, I thought, and all the time I thought you cared!

In frustration, I hung up the phone and took another nap. When I awakened I downed several more Tylenol and decided to try my luck at a little nourishment since I had not eaten in several days. The canned broth I had on hand (the better to cook with, my dears) was not the low salt kind and the last cup of it I had caused me to swell like a Mad Cow. However, I had boiled some chicken breasts earlier in the week to make chicken salad and had reserved the broth. Sooooo, I decided to "enhance" the broth somewhat to tempt my virally repressed taste buds.

Once I looked in the mirror over the chicken painting in the breakfast room and saw how pitiful I looked, I was alarmed. I knew that it was up to me to save my own life - no one was going to do it for me. I stumbled around in the kitchen from the 'fridge to the pantry a few times and came up with some of the following ingredients. I added a little of this and a little of that and actually arrived at a cup o' goodness which I will always attribute to my miraculous near death recovery.


3 Cups Fresh Chicken Broth (or low salt canned broth) 2 Celery Stalks Chopped 2 TBS Chives 4 Oz Fresh Mushrooms, sliced 1/2 can sliced water chestnuts Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook for approximately 20 minutes at medium to low temperature or until celery is tender. This is a very light and nourishing soup, which sits well on upset stomachs. I believe it to be similar to some Won Ton Soup bases I have had in many of our local Chinese restaurants. In any event, this soup also explains why none of the Jewish community ever has a virus or cold. Think about it - when you go to the doctor, do you EVER see Jewish people in there who look as sick as YOU do? Or Chinese people? No, never!

Next time you're sick, try it. If you are a Chinese Jew, there's no need.