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Wednesday, December 20 - Holiday Magic
Experience the enchantment of a Frank Fleming world as the Five Points area becomes the backdrop for a community sing-a-long. The Storyteller statue will be decorated in the holiday spirit, and many other Flemming works will be brought in to set up a fanciful manger scene. Truly all creatures are welcome as the Frog Legged Man delivers gifts to the Goat Headed Baby.

Thursday, December 21 - Party
The Studio hosts its tenth annual Christmas super scurry dance hall technobomb blast. Strict dress code enforced at all times. The girl with the athletic bra top and Winnie the Pooh back pack is welcome as usual, but that poor chick with the sweater and glasses shouldn't bother again. Although it's Christmas, there is still an image to uphold.

Friday, December 22 - Phreakfast
On the last day of the holy month, members of Birmingham's Muslim hacker community get together for a little phreaking, phracking, and fasting. Bring those Mac's and BeOS bootlegs and try for the 'Least Crashable Computer' title. Those of you with Linux and FreeBSD PC's are also most welcome. Anyone cracking a big time corporate U.S. web site will receive a free t-shirt.

Saturday, December 23 -

Sunday, December 24 -

Monday, December 25 - Meeting
Christmas Haters Anonymous Discussion (CHAD) meet to mull over what is good about the season. Some comments from last week include: "It's a better time of year than tax time." and "Shopping isn't so bad if you have a little fun with the sales know, got to Parisian and ask where to find the washing machines." and our favorite "Why not set up a little booth at the mall selling some kind of flying gadget. While demonstrating it, continually hit people 'accidentally'. It's a sure fire attention grabber."

Tuesday, December 26 -

Wednesday, December 27 -

Thursday, December 28 -

Friday, December 29 - Bowl Game
The City of Birmingham hosts a bowl watching party at Legion Field. A couple of 13" televisions will be set up at midfield and two concession stands will be open. Mostly they will be serving nachos with lukewarm cheese sauce, but a few pre-made hot dogs will be available with condiments already on them. Brody Croyle will be on hand to sign autographs and run a passing clinic for the kids.

Saturday, December 30 - Science
Last weekend for MarsQuest! Re-enact a NASA mission using computer consoles with the Intel Pentium 60 inside. The floating point math error will be just enough to shift your virtual probe into a shallow orbit, burning it up upon entry. Also practice your metric conversions using an HP 15C RPN calculator or a slide rule. Using the virtual hover sphere, see the largest volcano in the solar system and a canyon as long as the United States. At the McWane Center.

Sunday, December 31 - Millennium Party
Toast the real millennium with real Tott's champagne at the Wynfrey Hotel. Packages available starting at $200 dollars per person. Enjoy the full prime rib buffet and indoor fireworks in the Grande Atrium.

Monday, January 1 - Bowl Game
Watch the might of the ACC crush an old time SEC nemesis in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech is 8-2, and all current students as well as the alumni are ecstatic about that. Poor Bama. You had Tech's best and let him go after a 10-1 season. Now who would you rather be: a Ramblin' Wreck, or a Red' Neck?

Tuesday, January 2 - Weird Stuff
Gallerie Alegria hosts an exhibit of some weird stuff. This kind of weird is usually reserved for New York or Atlanta. You may never get a chance to see stuff like this again unless you travel a lot.