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What's Going On?

Sunday, May 14 - Leftover Crawfish Boil This annual event normally has residents scrambling around the historic Lakeview neighborhood in search of crawfish scraps left by unenterprising crawfish eaters too finicky to really suck the thing. This years event will take place in the newly crowned "warehouse" district and may suffer from a less than abundant supply of the mud bugs. Birminghamster Virgil Green seems unconcerned about the new location and lack of crawfish. "If you get just a few of the little critters you can still make a dadburn tasty stock."

Monday, May 15 - Doo Dah Monday Marking the last Monday after the first full moon of May before Doo Dah Day. Rhodes and Rushton parks tend to have an inordinate number of phreaks running around on this night.

Tuesday, May 16 - SEC Baseball Fans Arrive All of them usually pack in a van and come in late after tailgating at Legion Field trying to get the same feeling they get in the fall.

Wendesday, May 17 - Region 20/20 Evangelism After Visioning, Planning, Implementing, and Rhetoricing comes the latest phase of the Region 20/20 process. Expect payed Jehovah's witnesses to show up at your door with a new message.

Thursday, May 18 - Lotsa Hops Beer festival sponsored by the ABC and held at a location to be annouced.

Friday, May 19 - Xmen Release Party My house. Bring your own costume.

Saturday, May 20 - Mountain Bike Rally Oak Mountain State Park. Registration today races on Sunday, May 21.