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Wednesday, July 19 - Brown Vs. The Board of Education
A play in three acts presented by the Birmingham Board of Education. This stirring drama takes place behind closed doors with certain actors mysteriously disappearing during the performance. If sufficient funds are available the play will be held over for another week.

Thursday, July 20 - Cinema
All those who feel they may be slightly avant garde should be at the Birmingham Museum of Art tonight for Thursday Club Cinematheque. This series features famous films from fifty years of French cinema. The theme is in keeping with the French mania sweeping the city from Matisse to Tin Tin.

Friday, July 21 - Movie
The Godfather part I plays at the Alabama Theatre. Film shows through Monday at 7:30 PM with a 2:00 PM matinee only on Sunday.

Saturday, July 22 - Metal Fabrication
Teams from historic Sloss Furnaces Metal Arts will hold a fabricating workshop using the sludge left at the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre after last night's Motley Crue, Megadeath, and Anthrax show. Attempts will be made to fashion the raw soundscapes into pleasing sculpture more derivative of the post-Industrial Arts movement.

Sunday, July 23 - National Black Arts Festival
The event features lessons on divining, channeling, pyrotechnics, and behavior modification. Dramatic readings from The Vampire Lestat and other Anne Rice novels will be performed by Herb Winches and Tom Joyner. A special booth will enable children to act out their favorite Harry Potter scenes.

Monday, July 24 - Tour de Birmingham
Birmingham Bicycle Club begins a three week bicycle race through the thirteen Birmingham neighborhoods. The first 20 days will be spent deciding on a bicycle friendly route through North Birmingham and the final day will consist of a sprint race from English Village to Crestline Village in Mountain Brook.

Tuesday, July 25 - Shakespeare
Garden Variety Shakespeare moves to its new location in Caldwell park just outside the historic Clark Theatre. Performances of Hamlet will run through July 29, Fridays at 5:25 PM, Saturdays (except July 22) at sundown and 8:00 PM (except July 29), and Sundays after church (except July 29).

Wednesday, July 26 - Summerfest
The 75th season of our great musical theatre kicks off with Oklahoma! at the Alabama Theatre. This years performance features a whole new score collaboration from Puff Daddy Combs and Spike Lee. You may recognize "Surrey with a Fringe on Top" as "Mercedes with a Convertible Top." Pimps, and ho's, and police better scurry indeed.

Thursday, July 27 - Cow Racing
From the folks that bring you Cows on Parade comes live cattle racing at the Birmingham Race Course. The facilities (originally designed for horse racing) could not be better suited to live cattle racing. According to the producers, this is the nicest venue they have ever raced cattle in. The infield will be filled with life sized cow statues in order to enhance the experience.

Friday, July 28 - Movie
Free Friday Flicks presents a film fit for the whole family. This week's feature has a retarded ape-man living naked and alone in a jungle setting. He normally entertains himself by swinging on vines and playing with monkeys. The savage's hormones begin to race though when a pretty virginal young woman stumbles onto the scene. Watch as hilarity ensues.

Saturday, July 29 - Arena Football
Come watch. Could be your last chance. Better than two a days.

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