What do you think about Dr. Johnny Brown's salary?

herd1 The tree gets its nourishment from the soil. We must fertilize it until it blossoms. - Leaf, 54, advisor

herd1 I say he is doing his best to take care of parents' unwanted garbage. Give him a raise. Hell, I make more than he does taking care of other people's shit. - Bill, 39, sump technician

herd1 He hasn't really gotten out of the gate yet. It is too early to tell if he deserves it. He must give 110% and keep from stumbling along the way before putting him on that podium. - Jonesey, 40, former olympian

herd1 He should take what he can get now and save for the long run. He doesn't want to end up having to work for snotty little kids during his supposed retirement. - Dennis, 66, fast food worker

herd1 I love Dr. Brown's, especially the Ginger Beer. Me and my girlfriends used to mix it with a little peppermint schnaaps and some lemon juice. We got into all kinds of trouble with that concoction. I think that is how I got this nipple ring. - Sasha, 42, boomer

herd1 Well I don't really know who Dr. Brown is, but with gas prices so high I'm sure he could use a raise. If he is a doctor he must deserve it. - Fred, 52, accountant

herd1 I think it stinks. How can we expect to attract the best students when we don't even pay our superintendent a living wage? Give him at least $200,000 and bump teachers' salaries to at least $100,000. Then students will want to come to school so much that they may have to turn some of them away. - Clem, 60, perpetualist

herd1 I think we should definitely give that man a raise. While we're at it, I think I need one too. Give everyone else a pay cut, and close all the ice-cream shops. Then outlaw air conditioning. - Phil, 50, anarchist