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Wednesday, November 8 - Phantom
Still going strong at the BJCC through November 18. We are like Atlanta. We are like New York. We do get the big events. Don't stay home and watch football, you might miss out!

Thursday, November 9 - Jell-O
Come join us at Bellbottoms for the largest round of Jell-O hooters ever. They will be available in the large pit after the wrestling completes. You've made them before. You know when you use too much vodka and it won't congeal properly? Well we won't make that mistake as we want the Jell-O hooters to be plump, firm, and jiggly.

Friday, November 10 - Concert
Godsmack comes to the BJCC arena. Get you tickets now. Roy Moore will be there. You think he would miss a chance to be smacked by God? Check out the car show while you are there and pick out your next electric vehicle.

Saturday, November 11 - Auto Show
Through Sunday November 12 at the BJCC exhibition hall. Come see cars sitting inside on a nice shiny waxed floor that you could normally only see outside in a paved lot or perhaps in the pages of a magazine. Birmingham is lucky to have these state of the art vehicles here for a sneak preview. Alabama Power says electric vehicles will be huge business in years to come.

Sunday, November 12 - Plant Sale
The annual pot plant sale will be held today at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. This sale is in conjunction with the annual Art Connection show being held in the new building. The severe drought has stunted the growth of the plants, but the beauty of the decorated terra cotta pots is not in question. Each pot is hand painted by George Rodrigue. Come buy some art, a pot plant, and get happy.

Monday, November 13 - Art Show
Mixed media art show featuring Clemon Little's 'Diggin in the Dirt' which will be installed near Birmingham's beautiful new train station. The work features shovels full of earth from the lots of various unoccupied downtown buildings. Little will sculpt the earth into a full size model of the old Birmingham Transit station which was torn down in 1976 to make room for the new Social Security Administration building.

Tuesday, November 14 - Play
Thornton Wilder's play Our Town reinterpreted for a Birmingham audience. Terrific New Theatre will present the story of a young boy who wants nothing more than to grow up to be an Alabama football player. Along the way he is inspired by a Birmingham City School teacher to become a writer. Low and behold he grows up to write a play about Birmingham.

Wednesday, November 15 -

Thursday, November 16 -

Friday, November 17 - Iron Bowl Festival
Legion Field will be abuzz with Iron Bowl themed activities. The kilo relay pits rival dealers against each other in a race to see who can sell the fastest. In target practice the participants will use homemade weapons to try and shoot through makeshift iron uprights. IBM will be onsite with 'big iron' to provide real time score reporting. In the WERC 960 AM media tent, a screen will be set up to show games that were once played here complete with Paul Finebaum's commentary.

Saturday, November 18 - Gun/Knife Show
The bi-annual Southwest Birmingham Gun/Knife show will be held at Legion Field. On display are weapons used by local law enforcement officials plus whatever else has been rounded up in the neighborhood by the time of the show.

Sunday, November 19 - Walking Tour
The Birmingham Historical Society hosts its annual Religious Landmarks Walking Tour. The afternoon begins in front of the Bryant statue outside Legion Field with a moment of silent reflection. Next we stroll down Graymont taking the turn to Rickwood field. Here Willie Mays will say a prayer on the mound as we stand in the infield. Donations for his speaking fee will be taken at this time. Then we will high tail it down Lomb avenue to the Bryant gravesite. A shuttle will then take us to the ASHOF to stand in front of the Bryant-Jordan statue. Finally a brief stroll down Arrington Jr. Boulevard to 7th Avenue South will lead us to the shrine of shrines, the Compass Bank building. Site of the first Alabama-Auburn (Auburn-Alabama) football game.

Monday, November 20 -

Tuesday, November 21 -