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What's Going On?

Wednesday, November 22 - Worship Service
The Umoja Karamu Pre-Thanksgiving Service 6:30 PM. A spiritual and cultural celebration honoring our Christian and African heritage. Worshippers claim to celebrate God's love and plans for and His grace and faithfulness towards his people, but most agree that the gathering is simply an excuse to open their Thanksgiving presents a day early. Sixth Avenue Baptist Church.

Thursday, November 23 - Discussion Group
The Hip Mama Discussion Group for non-traditional moms of all types. Chances are if you are tragically hip then you know where Lodestar books is and probably are free at 11 AM on Thursdays. If you think you can hang in the 'Hippest Mom of the Week' contest then bring on da noize. Be forewarned however that you are facing stiff competition. Previous winners include a married mother of two, and a teen mother who is taking her child to college with her. Now that's hip.

Friday, November 24 - Gun / Knife Show
The Great Southern Gun and Knife Show. Featuring guns, knives, explosives, aqua velva and related merchandise. Vietnam Re-enactment and Reindeer hunting facilities on-site! Free admission for the little ones. As always, at the BJCC.

Saturday, November 25 - Scavenger Hunt
Join the Smells of Birmingham Scavenger Hunt and Tour. Using only your nose you must navigate from the Roebuck Krispy Kreme, to The Merita Bakery on 14th Street. Along the way you must pass Birmingham Hide and Tallow and the Peanut Depot. Bonus points for any other smells identified along the way. Anyone locating a non-smoking bar will have the 'Hamsters undying gratitude.

Sunday, November 26 - Church

Monday, November 27 - Concert
"Heart of a Champion" World Tour. Christian Rocker Carman is kicking off the release of his album, "Heart of a Champion." Carman will be joined by Sparrow recording artist ZoeGirl. BJCC Arena. Free, but a love offering will be collected (we at The Birminghamster collect these as well, whatever they are).

Tuesday, November 28 - Lighting Ceremony
Join the City of Pelham in their annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. A unique Christmas event with Santa, lights, leauge bowling, improptu drag racing, shot-gun salutes and more. Watch the always exciting PlayStation shootout where any kid with a gun has a chance to win the popular toy. Held at the Pelham Civic Complex at 6 PM.

Wednesday, November 29 - Kids Make the Darndest Things
Start warming your glue guns folks, for tomorrow area students will be making those adorable holiday decorations to take home. If you are tired of the cinnamon stick and dried apple creations, why not send the kids to school with camphor and nails? One of the 'Hamster staff still brags about the flaming Santa with nails through the eyes made by his little tyke.

Thursday, November 30 - Meeting
Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers meeting. Join us as we argue innane Star Trek facts and continue to debate which is the better format, S-VHS or Sony U-Matic 3/4". Held in conjunction with the Southern Stories Foundation, the group consists of students and professional video and filmmakers as well as those interested in, although not neccesarily a part of, the video and film industry. Members discuss projects at every stage, though mainly the 'what?' or 'why?' stage. Southeast Film & Post. Call for details 334-221-7011, but don't expect to be heard.

Friday, December 1 - Flea Market
See what you've been missing at the Bessemer Flea Market. Get that third-world bazaar feeling as you wander aimlessly through the indoor/outdoor market. There are five enclosed buildings, five open sheds, and many outdoor booths accomodating up to 500 vendors. Unlicensed and uninspected concession stands will be serving a variety of foods, including leftover turkey and dressing. Not stuffing mind you, but dressing.

Saturday, December 2 - Synagogue

Sunday, December 3 - Exhibit
The Birmingham Civil Rights Musem presents a series of photographs showing our nation's youth at home in their bedrooms. Thought to be too controversial for Birmingham audiences, this collection shows what teenagers do in their most private moments. Parents who are scared of what they might find in these bedrooms are urged not to come, just as they should avoid going into their own kids' rooms. Just ask them what's going on, they will tell you. Contrary to popular opinion this is not a voyeuristic display.

Monday, December 4 - Audition
A new TV show to be filmed in Birmingham is seeking local actors for open auditions. The show, tentatively titled Empty Night, is about a group of urban youths who hang out in abandoned downtown buildings roasting coffee beans. The group must travel from building to building as the marvelous scent of their activities continually gives them away. Nothing is sacred to these lost souls except their friendship towards each other and the vital black liquid that sustains them. People who currently live in an abandoned building or know how to get in one are especially invited.

Tuesday, December 5 - Mines Hike
Meet at the remains of the Red Mountain Museum for a mines hike. The tour will start with a brief visit to the Red Mountain cut to see if any of the signs are still legible, and to pocket a few fossils. Then the real action begins at the nearby entrance to an abandoned ore mine. Drop into the shaft and marvel at the clear water that engulfs you. It is the presence of sulphur that keeps it clean. Proceed deeper into the mine, being careful not to disturb the mole men, until arriving directly underneath the former Monkey Island at the Birmingham Zoo. Red Mountain Museum members $3, others $300.