What did you think of Phantom of the Opera?

Oh, how I have longed for that handsome Lon Chaney to slip into my bedroom for a night of unbridled passion. I think the Jell-O they've been giving me has been used for wrestling or something. - Shirly, 84, Nursing Home Resident herd1

herd2 I was too busy watching Alan Hunter's brilliant new film to pay much attention to that yankee drivel. Hunter's wicked eye for self-parody is on the cutting edge of what's happening in the exploding Birmingham film scene. - Beaner, 29, Radio Personality

I thought the costumes were a little underdone, and some of the period pieces were all wrong. I mean the split tail coat was not developed until the late 1800's and even then it was never popular in France. - Stella, 40, Homemaker herd3

herd4 It's not difficult to see why the Phantom's popularity is so addictive. It has that intoxicatingly mesmerizing music that will keep the good people coming back again and again, over and over. - Marion, 48, statesman

The BJCC is an abomination that must be eradicated. The acronym alone is an affront to any self-respecting woman.- Allyson, 20, environmentalist herd5

herd6 I'll take Siegfried banging on those tuned anvils any day over this pathetic sub-British stinky pop. - Bill, 46, Blacksmith

I like the big chandelier. I can just imagine all the hot glue it must have taken to assemble that monstrosity. - Cosmo, 60, hobbyist herd7

herd8 Times were when a man in a mask was a freak, no doubt about it. Today this 'Phantom' has been made into some sort of tragic anti-hero because of his obsessive love for an opera house floozy. Next thing you know we'll be letting women vote. - Sam, 40, brewer-patriot