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Wednesday, December 6 - Zoolight Safari
See the funny animals of course! As many as 10,000 twinkling lights adorn the various cages and habitats of our zoo animal friends. Be amazed at how much larger and nicer the zoo is at night. Since they took out the tunnel, this is your only chance to ride the train in the dark. It costs extra, but the Wild West Train Hijacking Show is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Through December 30 at the Jimmy Morgan Zoo.

Thursday, December 7 - Christmas Show
See the BJCC turned into a magical place befitting the Magic City. Once again Southtrust brings us Holiday Magic, a musical celebration featuring the dancing Santa chorus line. Really get into the spirit of what Christmas and life in general is all about. There are no buses running to the BJCC at night, but with all of the people going it should be safe to park and walk a few blocks.

Friday, December 8 - Live Grinch
The Gadsden Community Orchestra performs the score from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, while the show plays on a large screen in the background. It's kind of like a silent movie kids! Used to, a film had no sound and a live orchestra or theatre organ had to play music in time with the action in order to make things interesting. Go try it out, it should be fun.

Saturday, December 9 - Christmas Village
Tannehill State Park will be set up for a traditional Native American Christmas. Tons of corn and dried fish will be cached away for the coming winter. See the meager defensive fortifications set up to protect the land and food from other tribes become almost useless against a huge crush of white explorers and settlers. The fried apple pies are almost unbeatable.

Sunday,December 10 - Toy Giveaway
Bring all those played with once toys with parts missing to the Salvation Army in North Birmingham so they can be pawed over by frantic kids looking for a Playstation 2. Most of the stuff gets thrown away as needy kids once again prove that toys are not what they really need.

Monday, December 11 - Tree Lighting
The city of Birmingham holds its annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the south end of Linn Park (formerly Woodrow Wilson Park). The pan handlers have agreed to split the proceeds from a special manger scene where people can leave donations of food, clothing, and money. This way they can enjoy the ceremony without having to be 'on duty' the whole time.

Tuesday, December 12 - Concert
Hair bands? We aren't very good at this game, but there is no doubt that Styx rocks. As if that weren't enough, they are appearing with REO Speedwagon and Survivor. Now is a perfect time to show your kids what real music is. Bring them to this show and they'll never listen to that Eminem waste again. At the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, where scientists dig this kind of music.

Wednesday, December 13 - Karaoke
Christmas songs only tonight at Rumors on Valley Avenue. If you never tire of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer then this is your night. Last year a fight nearly broke out when a countertenor showed up and actually tried to sing part of the Messiah. Some dude stood up and yelled "this ain't that kind of bar," while rushing the stage. Luckily he was too drunk and tripped on a pool of vomit before reaching his intended victim.

Thursday, December 14 -

Friday, December 15 -

Saturday, December 16 - Antebellum Christmas
Arlington Antebellum Plantation holds a traditional celebration of the season unspoiled by modern commercialism. Bring the kids and have Weinachtsmann scare them into the spirit with his bag of sticks. See the Magic Lantern show hold innocent minds spellbound like no television can.

Sunday, December 17 - Christmas Tree
If you have waited this long to get your tree, we pity you. You probably don't have any lights up either right? How much of a Grinch do you have to be to avoid the holiday spirit? Most normal people have had their house ready since before Thanksgiving. Shame on you.

Monday, December 18 - Art Show
Leftover art from all of this year's area shows will be on display along Morris Avenue. While not specifically Christmas themed, there will still be plenty of unusual last minute gifts for those hard to shop for persons on your list. The delightfully illuminated street will be a welcome stop for mall weary shoppers looking for a good bag of warm peanuts.

Tuesday, December 19 - Procrastmas
The thronging rush at the door to every store you have avoided until now will surely overwhelm you. If you have waited this late you might as well not buy anything at all rather than bring home a bunch of lame crap that the kids don't want. Why not try making something for the little ones with you own hands? Like a nice set of smooth hand painted wood blocks. Or better yet a high powered PVC potato gun complete with automatic spark igniter. And with the PVC pipe and joint cement you have left why not build a real super soaker water cannon that can hold pressure from a 1hp air compressor?