Is Vulcan an appropriate symbol for the city of Birmingham?

herd1 You mean the ugly, lame forger who was the butt of laughter from the Olympians? Uh, yeah, I think so. - Waif, 54, watercolorist

herd1 We should sell him for scrap and use the money to pay for education. I for one would give you 40 cents per pound right now. - James, 39, scrap-dealer

herd1 Vulcan is a pagan idol. Our worship of his visage has caused our community's lamp to be extinguished as foretold in the Book of Revelations. I propose a prayer-tower be built in its place to restore our city in God's favor, lest he strike me down where I stand. Send donations to me care of Titus Ministries, Inc. - Titus, 40, evangelist

herd1 Birmingham? Am I in Birmingham? I must have taken a wrong turn at Albequerque. - Dennis, 66, pundit

herd1 Oh yes. Yes indeedy. Birmingham should be known the world over for its shapely hard buns. - Melba, 42, financial advisor

herd1 I think a more fitting tribute to Birmingham's new status as a medical research center would be a gigantic 'Visible-Man' (TM) showing his gluteous maximus to the residents of Homewood - Jim, 52, physician

herd1 The Lord spoke to me and tol' me to create a new, brighter Vulcan out o' my old truck bodies and a mess o' pie-tins. I've been working since August to make my piece for the Lord and I pray that He'll see it through wit me so that his glory can shine again from Red Mount'n. Yes sir. - Brother Simon, 60, self-taught artist

herd1 Try again - 8-Ball, 28, oracle