Are you excited about the announcement that XFL is coming to Birmingham?

herd1 It's about time they legalized XFL. It's been proven to be less addictive than caffeine and is the most effective relief for chronic heterotropia. - LaMont, 58 - Junk Dealer

herd2 I can't say enough about the good folks at the XFL who have felt the call to bring their own brand of whoop-ass to a city in dire need of year-round football at that hallowed ground of sport, Legion Field - Carlisle, 43 - Graymont resident and parking lot owner

herd3 Go look up "Extreme" in the dictionary. You'll find it means "last, outermost or farthest" as in "This league is the LAST thing the good people of this city need to be filling their heads with. That is if you can find it at all, as it turns out it's not even listed under "X" - Tommy, 40 - Youth Minister

herd4 I hope to God they pay more than $200 a game for 8 games. I can't stand another year of onion and mustard sandwiches. - Ja-Ja, 28, Steeldog

herd5 Another football league?! Do you think they'll honor my 'Cudas season ticket package? Any chance they'll call themselves the "Fire" so I can wear that sweatshirt my son bought me? I'm just about to lose my patience with these people. - Madgirit, 39, homemaker

herd6 Our company is proud to sponsor this latest entry into the ranks of professional football in Birmingham. We look forward to enjoying all the games, home and away, from the comfort of our climate-controlled skyboxes in every XFL stadium. - Wayne, 62, Waterworks Board member

herd7 As a former NFL player, I think this league will be good for the game because it will bring some of the connection betwen players and fans that the WWF is known for while ridding the game of it's lamer elements like "fair catches" and "celebration fouls" - Rock on! - Pat, 37 - retired

herd8 Do you know if they've chosen a mascot yet? - Fredo, 47 - actor