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Thursday, March 29 - Green Party
Not your typical party, but then again not your typical man. Ralph Nader gives a lecture on some government wrongdoing, or how dangerous those pajamas you are wearing are. Doors open at 7 PM and Nader begins speaking at 8 PM. At the Jemison Concert Hall of the Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center. Free to UAB students with id!

Saturday, March 31 - Art Show
See the best art work from local high school students on display at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Cash prizes awarded to works that best convey the theme 'Voyager Learned Me Reading." This is the last day to catch the exhibit.

Sunday, April 1 - Showhouse
The annual fund raiser for the Alabama Symphony last year raised nearly $200,000. This year's Decorator's ShowHouse is in the nouveau rich Greystone suburb where Michael Jordan used to live. Tasteful decorations include several Ebay wins and some depression glass found at the Bessemer flea market. The theme this year is 'junk is cheap.' Open through April 22.

Monday, April 2 - Pastels
The Alabama Pastel Society features a design contest sponsored by The Gap. Representatives from the company will be on hand to judge various member creations. The winning design will be featured in an upcoming commercial.

Thursday, March 8 - Residency
Sloss Furnaces begins interviewing candidates for the Summer Youth Internship. Successful applicants will be able to reduce iron ore to pig, stoke coke fired checker works, and haul scrap on their backs. The job pays minimum wage, but the benefits are outstanding, including getting to keep all of your sculptures.

Friday, March 9 - Auction
The Birmingham Humane Society launches its online B2C, B2B exchange consisting of mainly of locally raised stray animals. Suppliers can submit real-time quotes for used animals and animal services. End users can see the history of the animals and compare features before buying.

Saturday, March 10 - Buffett
Parrot Heads meet to discuss the songs of their favorite philosopher and spiritual leader. Last meeting prompted some heated discussion about whether Cincinnati is actually a metaphor for 'heaven' if she in fact 'came down' from there. Meet at Florida Grill or Bahama Breeze (whichever is most crowded) around 7 PM.

Sunday, March 11 - Camera
Shades Valley Camera Club meets the first and third Thursday of every month at the Homewood Library. Each week a new technology in the field of photography is presented with a lively debate following. Last meeting covered the Kodak Disc Camera and next week will feature a comparison of 110 and 35mm film formats.

Monday, March 12 - Hot Mike
The last Friday of every month at Loadestar books on Highland Avenue (formerely Celestial Realm) features free form readings. Sign up begins at 7:30 PM for your chance at Mike.