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What's Going On?

Wednesday, July 5 - Drama
Terrific New Theatre closes its fourteenth season with "Six Women With Brain Death" a play loosely based on the antics of the Birmingham City Council. A musical comedy, this production takes classic Bandyisms and Gunnterjections and sets them to simple themes. Hear "Not with my dog" and "It's like they say about the turtle and the water."

Thursday, July 6 - Puppets
A visit by Atlanta's Center for Puppetry arts brings "Lesbian Sex" to the Clark Theater. The play attmempts to explore the complex relations between female lovers using simple puppets that even children can understand. The troupe continues its efforts to raise puppetry to a higher level.

Friday, July 7 - Mensa
Meating held at South Side libary. This weak we will decide who's IQ is to low and will vote them out during tribal counsel.

Saturday, July 8 - Movie
Sloss Furnace Film Series presents "Raising Arizona" at 11:00PM. Doors open at 9:30PM with a live band starting at 10:00PM. Cost is 5 bucks.

Sunday, July 9 - Large Noses
Large Noses hosts a contest to find the sexiest female Birminghamster. The event will be held at Misconceptions in the Lakeview district.

Monday, July 10 - Cat Catcher
A new service of the City of Birmingham begins today. These trained professionals will come to your neighborhood with massive balls of string and jingling bells that will attract any cats that may be wandering around outside. Be sure that all cats are kept on a leash when outdoors. Mainly because we at the 'Hamster want to see people trying to walk their cats.

Tuesday, July 11 - Tuesday Non-club Cinema
This group takes its film viewing seriously. There will be no socializing and no open bar before the show which starts promptly at 7:30. No discussion will be held about the movie and no organ music preceeds the show. If you are not there by 7:30 the doors will be closed and you cannot get in. Held somewhere in Greystone.

Wednesday, July 12 - Target Watch
Weekly meeting to monitor progess of the future Target store on highway 280. Gather at the Wal-Mart parking lot and caravan to the construction site.

Thursday, July 13 - Former Mayors Meeting
Richard Arrington hosts a meeting of former Birmingham Mayors. Speakers include Arrington who will discuss the progess made at the airport during his term, Arrington who will give a seminar on urban planning and street renaming, and Donald Watkins who will relate charming anecdotes and some startling secrets from his tenure as Mayor Arrington's personal assistant.

Friday, July 14 - Bastille Bash
Join local Francophiles as they celebrate their independence. French beer will be served and at least 75% of attendees will sport clothing with French writing. If anyone has any energy left after a seven course meal, a re-enactment of the storming of the Bastille will take place at Quinlan Castle.

Saturday, July 15 - Make Believe Matisse
Local independent art galleries jump into the Matisse frenzy. Frontera will feature unusually large and disproportionant metal sculpture while Naked Art Gallery will have its usual stuff placed into a special "Matisse" section.

Sunday, July 16 - Capuccino Clash
Who really has the best Capuccino in town? Found out today at Mtn. Brook Village. Beaneries from around town will square off in a public taste test to determine a winner. All participants must sign a wavier alleviating the city of Mountain Brook and all tobacco companies of any responsibility for caffeine overdoses.

Monday, July 17 - Sting Tickets
It's not the Police, just Sting. Please be aware of this. If you are expecting "Don't Stand So Close to Me '86" don't be disappointed if all you hear is "Russians."

Tuesday, July 18 -