How do you feel about the drought?

herd1 I stopped going outside years ago. The sun is going to kill us. - Waif, 54, watercolorist

herd1 Next people will be complaining about the floods. No one is ever satisfied. Especially my wife. She was harping again last night about how we need a new car and how she is sick of living in Huffman and ... - James, 39, scrap-dealer

herd1 Our father who art in heaven help us. The scourge of our sins will burn us from the face of the Earth. Come with me and I will lead you to water. - Titus, 40, evangelist

herd1 Well some people like sun and some people like rain. Those who like rain probably really just want more water while the sun lovers desire more light. - Dennis, 66, pundit

herd1 I don't think there would be a drought if Georgia hadn't taken all of our water. We should form a militia and march to Atlanta demanding our moisture back. - Melba, 42, financial advisor

herd1 Well it sure is good for business. All of these little old Mountain Brook ladies who get just a little overheated working in their gardens have to come in for treatment. It is like pure money since it costs us nothing to rehydrate them and they will pay anything. - Jim, 52, physician

herd1 I am afeared of the devil and he is making this a hell on Earth. - Brother Simon, 60, self-taught artist

herd1 Outlook cloudy. - 8-Ball, 28, oracle